Improving Our Care

We are committed to providing effective health services and social care and are always seeking ways to maintain and improve our performance. We are assessed against a wide range of targets and performance measures and also set ourselves targets for improvement.

Feedback from services users and patients is at the centre of improvements to our care and we value every opportunity to hear about those experiences. Details of how you can contact us to provide feedback can be found here.

Our annual update on our progress against the full range of performance indicators is contained in our Quality Account, which also includes details of how we intend to improve in the coming year.

We have a five-year Quality Strategy for the period 2014-19, which can be downloaded here.

Our policy on implementing NICE guidelines can be found here: pdfImplementation of NICE guidance policy (June 2015)

Our latest mortality report for 2016-17 is available here. Our governance report for use of controlled drugs 2016-17 is available here.

We are in the process of producing our Five-year Integrated Business Plan. This will be published and uploaded here once it has been completed and agreed by our Board.

Inspections of our services are carried out by the Quality Care Commission (CQC). Details can be found here.

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