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Board webpageGloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust (GCS) is run by a board of directors, who set the strategic direction for the Trust and monitor performance and progress. The Board consists of the Chair, six non-executive directors, and five voting executive directors. There is also one non-voting director (Director of Human Resources). Non-executive directors use the skills and experience gained from the private, public and voluntary sectors to help run the Trust, but do not have day-to-day managerial responsibilities within the trust. Executive directors are paid employees with clear areas of work responsibility within the Trust.  

The Board is responsible for the leadership, management and governance of the organisation and setting the strategic direction and supporting the development of organisational culture. Its meetings cover comprehensive items on quality, finance and strategy. At each meeting it considers the Board Assurance Framework, Quality and Finance.

The Board continually self-assess its performance to support continuous improvement.

The Board regularly meets in public, and details of the board meetings, including the public papers are available here.  

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