Our Joint Future

In September 2017, we announced that our Trust and 2gether NHS Foundation Trust were planning to join together. From October 2019, we hope to be one organisation providing integrated community physical health, mental health and learning disabilities services.

We are already working closely together but the benefits we really want for our communities can best be achieved if we become a single trust, delivering outstanding integrated physical and mental health care.

Our Timeline

We already have a joint Chair, Ingrid Barker, and a joint Chief Executive, Paul Roberts. We are in the process of working with our regulator (NHS Improvement) to progress our merger, with the full support of our Boards and 2gether’s Council of Governors.

You can view the timeline for the merger by clicking here. You can view the services currently provided by both Trusts by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions

What does this mean for services?

The aim of the proposed merger is to improve our services and ensure we are providing the most appropriate information, support and treatment for people with mental health issues, physical health problems or learning disabilities. We know that many people are currently accessing support from both Trusts. We also know that by being more joined up we can help people as a ‘whole person’, not just separate conditions or symptoms. It does not, however, mean that we will be ‘cutting’ services or making changes that will have a negative impact on current levels of care – quite the opposite.

Will I need to go somewhere else for my appointments?

Not in the short term. We’re not moving any services or changing contact arrangements at present. If this does happen, we would always give plenty of notice and keep you informed. Who you see and how you get in touch with them won’t change as a result of the merger. Any changes in the future will be communicated with you very clearly and well in advance.

What differences might I see following the merger?

The main difference will be that we will be changing our name – to Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust. Services in Herefordshire will be given their own, separate, name, which will be Herefordshire Mental Health and Learning Disability Services. We will have a different logo and you will start to see a difference on our website, leaflets, posters and signs. Our staff will also be wearing new identity badges, with our new name on them. You will also start receiving letters, such as appointment letters, with the new name and logo on them. Hopefully this will not cause any confusion but if you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your care coordinator or clinician. None of these changes will impact upon your care or treatment but if you have concerns with the treatment or support you are receiving, please contact our Service Experience Team.

What does it mean for people who work for the Trusts?

The merger is not about cost savings. Therefore, we are not planning on making staff redundant or cutting posts as a direct result of the merger. There may be some changes in roles and responsibilities, but we know we need more staff (particularly clinical staff) not less, so we hope to keep our colleagues and their experience and expertise to benefit our communities.

How can we ask questions, make suggestions or stay informed?

Feel free to email the Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust Communications Team at gcscomms@glos-care.nhs.uk or call 0300 421 6492.


Shadow Board Appointed: January 2019

On Friday 25 January 2019 our Shadow Board was appointed,  following a rigorous interview and selection process. In addition to Paul Roberts, Chief Executive, who was appointed in April 2018, and Ingrid Barker, Chair, who was appointed in January 2018, the following directors make up our new Shadow Board:

  • Amjad Uppal, Medical Director

  • John Trevains, Director of Nursing, Therapies and Quality

  • Sandra Betney, Director of Finance and Performance

  • John Campbell, Chief Operating Officer

  • Neil Savage, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

  • Colin Merker, Managing Director of Herefordshire Services

  • Maria Bond, Non-Executive Director

  • Marcia Gallagher, Non-Executive Director

  • Sumita Hutchison, Non-Executive Director

  • Jan Marriott, Non-Executive Director

  • Graham Russell, Non-Executive Director

  • Duncan Sutherland, Non-Executive Director

Prior to the merger taking place the boards of both Trusts will continue with their existing non-executive and executive directors. The shadow board will report to the two boards and will focus on the merger, the transition to the new organisation and our strategy and plan for the future, particularly our Better Care Together programme which will ensure that the benefits from the merger result in improved care for the people we serve.