Community Nursing

Our community nurses (sometimes known as district nurses) work as part of our integrated community teams, alongside social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and reablement workers. Within these teams, community nurses work closely with local GPs and community hospitals.

Community nurses mainly visit people who are ill at home and are unable to get to services based at the doctor, hospital or other clinics. Our nurses may also see people in clinics or other settings to provide specific services, such as care for leg ulcers.

Community and district nurses specialise in:

  • Nursing care and advice for people who are really unwell but can be looked after at home
  • Nursing care and advice after an operation
  • Palliative care and end of life care
  • Care and advice to manage a long term health condition
  • Wound care and advice
  • Advice about continence problems
  • Advice about healthy living
  • Assessing people’s nursing needs
  • Referring people where appropriate to other services

Although the community nursing service can provide nursing care 24 hours a day, we mainly visit patients in the daytime. Your doctor, the hospital or someone else looking after you  may arrange for a nurse to come to your home.

How referrals are made

You can contact your doctor if you think that the community nursing service could help you. To be eligible for the service you would have nursing needs and be unable to attend your doctors surgery or hospital.

Home visits

All nurses should do the following when they visit:

  • Wearing uniform when the nurse visits
  • Wear identification badges which confirm who they are and where they are from
  • Introduce themselves to you and provide details of how to get in contact when you first meet
  • Ensure that when and how often they come to see you is based on your care needs, the times of your treatments and how unwell you are
  • Regularly assess and review your treatment/care plan with you and/or your carers
  • If you need to continue nursing treatments once your health improves and you are no longer housebound you may be asked to make an appointment with your practice nurse for follow up

Referral contacts

When the community nurse first visits you, they will leave you a number and details of how to get in contact with them. 

Referrals are made through central contact numbers for each locality. These lines are open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Cheltenham  0300 421 6070
Cotswolds     0300 421 6072
Gloucester     0300 421 6071
Forest of Dean and TNS  0300 421 6074
Stroud & Berkeley Vale   0300 421 6073

If you need a nurse outside these hours (including weekends, bank holidays, evenings and night time) please call 0300 421 0555.