Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists treat adults aged 18 years and over with physical and social problems in order to improve everyday functions and to support them to live independently and safely in their own home.

This may range from adapting household products so people can use them, to teaching those with problems different coping strategies, to helping service users participate in social activities.

Occupational therapists are problem solvers who empower people to take control of their lives

* Please note that occupational therapy services provided in the mental health and learning disabilities areas are provided by 2Gether Foundation Trust.

* Occupational therapy services in at Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital are provided by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Occupational therapy - part of our integrated community teams

Occupational therapists work as part of our integrated community teams. These bring together occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, reablement workers and community nurses to work as one team to serve a local area.

The role of GPs is pivotal in this, together with our skilled teams based in our seven community hospitals across Gloucestershire.

Our integrated community teams also work closely with our countywide specialist services, voluntary services and other care providers to provide assessments, treatment and support for people within the community.

Where may I be seen?

We aim to provide your care close to home or within your home. Most people are seen at home, and our occupational therapists will work with other members of the team to ensure a co-ordinated approach to your care.

If you are in a community hospital, you will be seen by one of our occupational therapists based there.

You may be in an interim bed, perhaps having been discharged from Cheltenham General or Gloucestershire Royal Hospital before you are fit enough to be discharged home: in this case, you will be seen by one of occupational therapists from your local community team.

How can occupational therapy help?

We aim to:

  • Prevent emergency hospital admissions and readmissions
  • Support people to live at home
  • Prevent avoidable harm to older people such as falls
  • Improve access to the service by reducing waiting lists and increasing responsiveness.
  • To encourage and facilitate independence in daily living activities
  • To place users and carers at the centre of our activities and provide a client centred service
  • To work in partnership with users and carers, the voluntary sector, other agencies and other sections and groups to achieve the best possible service
  • To assist in prevention of admission or re-admission to hospital, admission to long-term care and to enable early discharge from hospital

We will do this by:

  • Providing individual assessments of adults, working with the assessment of carers needs, to help maximise independence wherever possible
  • Providing specialist equipment to help with daily tasks, and instruction on how to use equipment provided
  • Managing equipment on loan including storage and maintenance, delivery/collection and fitting
  • Liaising with staff from statutory and voluntary sectors to facilitate Hospital discharge
  • Providing advice and information relating to disability issues to service users, carers and professionals
  • Carrying out risk assessments in line with Moving and Handling Regulations and providing advice, equipment and instruction as appropriate

Adult social care only

Following an assessment - and potentially a period of reablement - we help to identify and help to provide both major and minor adaptations to properties (this includes making recommendations to environmental services for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) and Home Repair Assistance Grants and design in new and refurbished accommodation for disabled service users.

How do I see an occupational therapist?

Referrals come from a range of sources including self-referrals, GPs, healthcare professionals and social workers. If you are already receiving a service from a member of your local community team, they will be able to make the referral on your behalf.

If you are in one of our seven community hospitals, you may also be referred for occupational therapy from one of the hospital team.

Alternatively, you can contact the Adult Social Care helpdesk (Gloucestershire County Council) on 01452 426868.