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Telecare Services, The Independent Living Centre, Village Road, Arle, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 0BY

Telecare supports people to maintain their independence and also promotes safety and reduced risk within the home. Telecare can help a broad range of people including:

  • people with long-term health conditions
  • frail and elderly people
  • people with mental health conditions
  • people with learning disabilities

Telecare can also provide support for informal carers and be used to support discharge from hospital, ensuring service users can be discharged when they are deemed medically fit.

Eligibility criteria apply to referrals for provision of a Telecare service and service users must require more than a community alarm. For community alarms please contact the local providers listed in the 'contact details' section below.

Equipment, referred to as assistive technology, can be divided into two groups: linked equipment & standalone equipment.

Linked equipment

This is equipment that will alert a monitoring centre that there may be a problem and that assistance is required. The alerting piece of equipment sends a wireless message through to a Lifeline unit. This Lifeline unit, which is plugged into a standard electric plug socket and is connected to the phone line, will in turn automatically put a call through to the monitoring centre.

A trained operator will respond directly with the service user via the Lifeline unit, identify what the issue is and contact the required response service. In the case of an emergency, this may well be an ambulance or the fire service. However, in many situations, the response can be to call a family member, friend or neighbour who has agreed to act as a responder.

A responder is required to be able to get to the service user’s property within 30 minutes, gain access to the property and be able to appropriately deal with the situation they may find. Currently, a minimum of two responders are required for the service user to be eligible to receive a Telecare service.

If providing the details of two responders is not possible, some care providers across Gloucestershire can provide a 24 hour response service; this can be discussed further at the assessment.

Standalone equipment

This is equipment that is not connected to the monitoring centre but allows risks to be managed within the home. For example, a medication reminding device can be programmed to sound an alarm when the medication is due to be taken. Standalone equipment can also be utilised to alert someone else within the property using a pager system.

Having Telecare equipment installed can enable earlier and safer discharge from hospital and enable people to stay at home safely rather than having to move into residential care.

The provision of Telecare equipment can provide peace of mind to service users and their families. It is simple to install, simple to use and can be tailored to suit individual needs.

How can Telecare help?

Telecare can provide support to cover a range of risks for service users within their own home. This can include general safety, medication mismanagement, falls, memory issues and people who become disoriented and are at risk of leaving their property at inappropriate times.

General safety
This can include fire risk or risk of flooding. Linked smoke detectors, which alert the monitoring centre there is an issue, can be provided along with linked CO2 detectors, gas detectors, flood detectors & other flood prevention devices

Medication mismanagement
Telecare can provide a range of equipment to alert Service Users at pre programmed times to take prescribed medication. It can also prevent overdoses where the service user has short term memory issues.

Frequent falls
If more than a pendant alarm is required, Telecare can provide bed or chair sensors, which can be programmed in a number of different ways, such as to alert someone that the service user has got up out of bed or chair, or not returned after an agreed period of time. These can also be used to highlight that someone may be at risk of pressure sores, or has not moved for an extended period of time. Telecare can also provide falls detectors for those who may not be able to press a call button to raise an alarm.

Memory issues
Telecare can provide equipment for people with memory issues that may assist with remembering to attend appointments or to lock the door when leaving the property or locking up at night.

With certain health conditions, people can become confused and unsure of the time and unintentionally put themselves at risk by leaving the safety of their own homes. In situations such as these, Telecare can provide equipment that can remind people of what the time is with a recorded message or devices can be put on doors to alert other people in the property or responders that doors have been opened.

Contact details

Forest & Cotswold Locality
Tel: 01594 812505

Stroud Locality
Careline 01453 766321

Cheltenham Locality
Tel: 01242 264393

Tewkesbury & Cotswold Locality
01684 272745

Gloucester City Locality
Tel: 0800 408 2000

How to make a Telecare referral

Anyone can make a referral to Telecare, including service users, family members, carers formal care workers and health and social care professionals.

To make a referral please contact the Adult Help Desk on 01452 426868
Or email:

Alternatively, if you are already involved with a health professional from the NHS, Gloucestershire Care Services or Gloucestershire County Council a referral can be made directly by them on your behalf.