Home Safety

Essential advice and information on childhood accidents and the unique range of local services available to parents in Gloucestershire.

Address: GHSCS, Quedgeley Clinic, St James, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 4WD
Telephone: 0300 421 6418
email: home.safety@glos-care.nhs.uk

Nearly half a million children in the United Kingdom receive medical treatment each year because of accidents in the home, and they are the greatest cause of death and injury to the under fives.

Accidents can lead to long term distress, disability, disfigurement and even death but can be avoided. The Gloucestershire Home Safety Check Scheme offers a range of services designed to reduce the risks of such accidents.

Who we Are

Home safety is an important part of child health. We work closely with Health Visitors, Children’s Centres and other child health professionals to make sure that Gloucestershire’s under-fives are as well protected from unnecessary accidents as possible.

What we do

We provide a wide range of services designed to make your home as safe as possible for your child.

Our staff are trained to recognize potential dangers, and to give advice on measures to take to avoid serious accidents occurring. If there's anything that we can do on the spot, we will. We can also offer advice on the right kind of safety equipment to use and if necessary we can provide and fit it for you. We send you a copy of our survey shortly after our visit.

Home safety visits are a proven way of reducing child accident rates and of preventing the pain, anguish and suffering caused by preventable accidents in the home.

Child safety equipment

As part of the service we are able to provide and fit a wide range of child safety equipment. If required we can also fit any items that you order.


In addition to providing home safety checks and equipment, we also have a small range of leaflets which you are welcome to download.

Child Safety News
We produce a Parent’s Pack, which is distributed to parents throughout Gloucestershire when their child is about six months old – when they are first becoming mobile. Child Safety news is the centrepiece of the pack and contains full details or our service, with other safety information.

TV safety
pdfTelevision safety leaflet
Because of their shape and weight flat screen television sets present a real danger to young children, with a number of fatalities occurring recently. Our seven step safety direct shows how TV hazards can be avoided.

Furniture safety
pdfFurniture leaflet
A seven step guide to furniture safety for parents of young children.

SAFE – your room by room guide to essential safety for children aged 0-5
pdfSafe room by room guide
An easy to follow guide which can help you to identify dangers and hazards.

Talks, exhibitions and displays

If you are organising a safety display or exhibition, or if you would like to talk to a group that you are involved with on our safety services, please get in touch. We are only to happy to help

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