How we work together

As you will see as you explore this site, our Trust provides a wide and varied range of services. Sometimes, people will access a single service for a short time - perhaps they drop into one of our Minor Injuries Units because they are unwell or need to access our sexual health services.

But at other times, people will access multiple services over a longer time - either simultaneously or one after the other - as we seek to provide them with the care they need to maintain their independence and highest possible quality of life.

Often our work involves supporting people with longer-term needs or conditions, with community nurses working in tandem with GPs to provide care in people's homes, perhaps in conjunction with specialists such as our heart failure or diabetes teams. We also work closely with Gloucestershire County Council, and will work together to put care packages in place for service users or make home adaptions through reablement.

Beds at our seven community hospitals take people who have been referred by their GP because they are poorly, and those still requiring care after visiting the hospitals at Gloucester or Cheltenham. As well as receiving the appropriate medical care, patients on the wards are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, reablement and social workers to provide any ongoing support needed as people move out of hospital back into their home or place of residence.

The work of our physios extends out into many specialist areas of care provided by the Trust, including respiratory services, cardiac rehabilitation, the stroke team and our care home support team, while occupational therapy extends into areas such as palliative care.

We also provide services for Children and Young people, including the county's school nursing service, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. And our health visitors provide support for any family with children aged up to five years old.