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MSKAPS is a specialist service which is in place to ensure that people who have a musculoskeletal problem (a problem with their muscles, bones or joints such as lower back pain) are assessed by the correct specialist health professional.

This assessment aims to take place as close to home as possible. Following the assessment a plan will be made between the health professional and yourself recommending the best course of action for your particular problem.

Courses of action may include:

  • Referral to physiotherapy
  • Referral to podiatry
  • Further investigations such as X-Ray or MRI scan
  • Injection therapy/acupuncture
  • Review of medication by specialised GP
  • Referral into a local community group such as active lifestyles
  • Referral onto a consultant

You will also have the opportunity to discuss and receive information on your condition and how you can manage it most effectively. Your GP will have a copy of the referral guidelines for orthopaedic conditions (conditions of the skeletal system and/or associated muscles).

Who is in the MSKAPS team?

The team includes highly specialised physiotherapists, podiatrists and GPs plus admin support. Every member of the clinical team has had specialist training in musculoskeletal conditions.

Clinics are run in a number of locations across the county. The team also has close links with local GPs, other health professionals and services within local communities such as exercise and support groups.

How do you get referred?

Your GP will refer you to the service following a consultation. At that consultation your GP will give you a leaflet about MSKAPS. We will contact you as soon as we receive the referral from your GP. This will be to make an appointment for an assessment at the most convenient location available.

If you have not been contacted within three weeks please email us at or call us on 0300 421 8323.

What do you need for your appointment?

Please bring a list of your current medication or your completed pre assessment form. You may be required to undress for the assessment to take place and may see a male or female specialist. Please let us know beforehand if you would like a chaperone or if this poses any difficulties for you. If your problem is complex you may see more than one practitioner during your consultation.

What if you need to see a consultant?

If the MSKAPS team recommend that you need to see a consultant they will discuss with you the choice of consultant and location you would prefer. They will refer you for any appropriate investigations (such as an x-ray) before you attend your consultant appointment. The reason for this is so that as much information as possible is with the consultant before your appointment, which speeds up your treatment.

How can you give your opinion on the service?

MSKAPS has a structured on-going programme surveying patients during and after treatment, if you are sent a questionnaire we hope you will be able to assist us by completing and returning it. Our questionnaires ask condition-specific questions designed to measure the effectiveness of our clinical work as well as more general questions.

Alternatively you can leave feedback about our service using a range of methods which are listed here.

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