Palliative Care -- OT

The aim of the Specialist Palliative Care Occupational Therapy Team is to support adults with a palliative care or life limiting diagnosis who are experiencing functional difficulties as a result of disease progression. The team works in partnership with patients so that they can be as comfortable and productive as possible and live as independently as possible with a sense of control, maximising their functional independence and quality of life.

Goals of treatment are devised in partnership and represent what is important to patients.

There are many ways in which we can provide support:

  • retraining individuals in personal and domestic activities that are necessary for daily living
  • assessing seating needs and prescribing wheelchairs and pressure relieving cushions
  • providing help with problems related to changes in thought processes and the way that information is processed by the brain
  • splinting to prevent deformities and control pain
  • making home assessments
  • referring to and liaising with social services for ongoing home assessment and provision of equipment
  • helping with lifestyle management including investigating hobbies and leisure pursuits
  • providing advice on and education about relaxation techniques
  • aiding management of breathlessness
  • aiding management of fatigue and energy conservation
  • providing support and education for carers
  • assisting with psychological adjustment and goal setting related to changes in ability

Where we are

HCPC registered staff

Tamisin Pylee: Specialist Palliative Care Occupational Therapist
Hayley Farr: Specialist Palliative Care Occupational Therapist
Rhiannan Lewis: Specialist Palliative Care Occupational Therapist

Support Staff

Anita Harland - Occupational Therapy Technician

Office Base and Contact Details

Specialist Palliative Care Occupational Therapy Team
Southgate Moorings
2 Kimbrose Way

01452 393852


Making a referral to the service

Referrals are accepted from health care professionals.

Please use the online referral form in the left hand menu bar.

Alternatively you can download the referral form below and email it back to the team (the email address is on the form).

docxCommunity Specialist Palliative Care OT referral form