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Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition which can cause tremor, stiffness of muscles and slow movement.  It is a very individual condition with symptoms and rate of progress varying from person to person.

Our team of specialist Parkinsons nurses offer clinical holistic reviews and provide support and education for patients and their carers.

We run a number of clinics across Gloucestershire, providing caring, friendly support and expert advice for patients and their carers. These are held at:

  • Cirencester Hospital
  • Dilke Memorial Hospital, Cinderford
  • Longfield Hospice, Minchinhampton
  • North Cotswolds Hospital
  • Tewkesbury Hospital
  • Vale Community Hospital, Dursley
  • Whittington House Nursing Home, Cheltenham

You can discuss any difficulties or symptoms you are experiencing, treatment options available and, if necessary, you will be referred on to the appropriate health or social care professional. We also run regular telephone clinics to offer contact, support and information.

How referrals are made

We accept referrals from patients, relatives or clinicians via telephone, letter, fax or email.

Exclusion criteria

Patients must have a confirmed diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease to be able to access our service.

Please note that if patients send in personal information by email this is by their own choice.  Any information will be kept confidential by us, but we cannot guarantee its security.  Please state your preferred method of contact from us – email, phone, or letter.

Not able to get to a clinic?

Home visits can be arranged for patients who are unable to access clinic appointments. Please contact the service if you would like to discuss this further.